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We create a painting using technique
"Fluid art"

Modern technique for creating abstract paintings. Author Azarova Irina
Fluid Ar
Fluid Art is a technique for creating abstract paintings with liquid acrylic. Literal translation is liquid art. Acrylic paints are taken as a basis, water, glue and varnish are added. Liquid acrylic of different colors is poured alternately onto the canvas or all at once. It turns out an intricate abstract drawing.
1.acrylic colors (sold in a hardware store, the price is 1 $. Pcs)
2.PVA glue (the price of a can of 1 liter is 2$.)
3.acrylic varnish (price for 1 liter is about 2.70$)
5. tap water (bottle 1.5-2 liters)
6.sticks for mixing paint (old sushi can be used)
7.disposable cups (100 pcs - 1 $)
8. rubber gloves (with which you wash dishes or disposable food). You can do it without gloves, but you will need to wash your hands immediately
9. rags
10. package, film, old bath curtain - 0.15$.
10.canvas (you can buy on wilberis the price is about 4$. Size 40 by 50 cm)

In total, if you take large cans, you get 10$. This will be enough for you to write 5-10 paintings (depending on the size). Plus canvas.
Collect all materials in one place. Cover the area where you will be working with plastic wrap or plastic bag. Put everything so that it is convenient for you to take and does not have to run

Irina Azarova
1. Take cups
2. Pour a third of PVA glue into 5 of them
3. Add 1 third to each shade of the desired color.
4. Pour water until liquid sour cream
5. Add 3 teaspoons of varnish (you can approximate)
stir until smooth
then you need to bring all 5 cups to a homogeneous mass. Add more water or add PVA glue
If the paint is thicker in one glass and thinner in the other, then the colors will flow differently and it will be difficult to control them.
The most interesting
1. Pour the colors one after another into a new glass. You should get a flaky rainbow
2. We put the canvas on any object so that the canvas is higher than the table and paint can drain from it (if this is not done, the canvas is firmly glued to the surface)
3. Turn the cup over and put the inverted one on the host.
4. Raise the glass and enjoy how the paint flows from the canvas
5. Help the paint flow in the directions you want. Where there was not enough paint, repeat the procedure with a glass
Congratulations, you have created your own fluid abstract painting. Let the painting dry for 24 hours and you can hang it on the wall and admire your work of art!

Irina Azarova
Send your work to me by mail and I will gladly publish them on this page. I am waiting for your work by mail